Tissue Preservation & Bio Banking

Tissue preservation is the process by which a tissue or group cells are kept alive outside the organism’s body. Adult stem cells are collected from adipose tissue and they are banked. These stem cells are said that they do not require umbilical cord & fatty tissue contains. Stem cells have been shown to regenerate injured tissue such as cartilage, heart and even kidney tissue. Biobanking is a type of biorepository which stores biological samples of humans generally. In biobanking blood is collected from fogeys and shipped to a wire bank. Samples are kept for preservation at -196 degrees in centigrade and then they are processed, tested. It is believed that stem cells will treat around 70 blood related & genetic disorders together including thalassemia, anaemia, leukaemia and immune diseases.

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Jobs and Education:

Stem Cell Research at the Centre of Regenerative Medicine in Barcelona, Spain | Academic Fellowships at The Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University | Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor Queen’s University Belfast | Group Leader, AutoImmune at Immunocore | Senior Scientist – Complex Cell Model Biologist | Group Leader at Flow Cytometry | Laboratory Scientist Apprenticeship, Welllcome Sanger Institute | Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine MRes | Cell signalling in Health and Disease MRes | Genetics MPhil | Biomedicine MPhil | Neuroscience MPhil | Biofabrication & Bioprinting MRes | Immunobiology MRes | Cancer MRes | Medical Sciences MSc

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